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Anarky Labs is forward looking, UX-oriented product design house with strong design and development experience from several industry fields.

Being a fresh start-up we are now focusing on our first product, HorusAR, which will bring the professional drone pilots unprecedented situational awareness. This is achieved by using the new generation of Augmented Reality glasses for drone mission specific real world-based data visualization and spatial interfaces. We are bringing Augmented Reality outdoors, and get to do it with drones, what could be more fun!



Hannu Lesonen – CEO – hannu(at)
Lassi ImmonenCTO & System Architect

Articles about Anarky Labs

Anarky Labs launches AirHUD

Anarky Labs launches AirHUD

Anarky Labs, one of Helsinki XR Center hub teams, launched their first product: AirHUD. AirHUD is an augmented reality tool for industrial drone pilots. With this HoloLens 2 application, pilots can now fly at night or without a spotter, see their drone’s location and battery life, and much more.