FIVR (UNREAL) Winter Meetup

18 January 2023

Can MetaHumans be utilized in virtual reality productions? Is Nanite really bringing VR graphics to the next level? Is Lumen ready for VR? Join us at the FIVR (UNREAL) Winter Meetup and find out!

FIVR (UNREAL) WINTER MEETUP banner. 18 January 2023.

Basic information

About the event

Join FIVR (UNREAL) WINTER MEETUP to hear the latest and engage in discussions about XR development with Unreal Engine!

  • Opening presentation by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine Evangelist Ari Arnbjörnsson
  • Sami Heinonen from Younite-AI sharing his experiences about developing VR with Unreal Engine
  • And, of course: Discussions, drinks & treats!

As usual, FIVR community appreciates demos and discussions around them. So bring your work – whether finished or not – and take your project to the next level with precious feedback. Sign up your demo here.

So grab some drinks and treats offered and join the epicly jolly evening at Helsinki XR Center!

Remember to join the Helsinki XR Meetup group here to see all the future XR meetups! group is the place where we want to gather all XR related meetups happening in the Helsinki capital area.

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