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Introducing XR Hub team: Sciar

This time we will introduce to you our XR Hub team Sciar! Sciar solves the problem of insufficient and inaccurate data documentation of scientific research by bringing new technology to the laboratory, remarkably improving data gathering efficiency and quality, as well as enhancing human work and mitigating errors.

Introducing XR Hub team: AXiiO VR Studio

Next we are introducing AXiiO VR Studio, a XR Hub team formerly known as TheaterVR. AXiiO creates entertaining, realistic and emotional immersive experiences in a virtual reality storytelling environment. During summer 2020, we will be posting articles about our XR Hub teams on a weekly basis!

Summer greetings!

Our HXRC Team will be starting summer vacations soon, but don’t worry! Our social media channels and website will still be full of life, as we will be posting introductions about our XR Hub teams every week. Maybe some updates about the building of our new virtual venue will appear, too! Stay posted!

HXRC Team: Insights about working remotely in virtual reality

During this spring, we tested and wrote about several different virtual reality (VR) platforms with our team, trying to figure out how they would work for formal or informal collaboration and remote meetings. As a conclusion article to the series, we write about the realizations and insights that came along the way, and list some pros and cons of virtual collaboration software in general.

HXRC Team: Testing Mozilla Hubs, a mobile-friendly VR platform

Next up on our mission of trying out different kinds of virtual reality collaboration tools was Mozilla Hubs, an immersive social experience, an online 3D platform, that runs in your browser. It is free and works literally on every platform: with virtual reality headsets, on desktop, tablet and even mobile phones. On top of this, Hubs is open source and very customizable. You can upload your own avatar, or even build your own spaces with their online 3D editor! 

But we, the Helsinki XR Center team, wanted to find out is it suitable for work purposes as well?