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Stepping into virtual reality – Match XR 2020 coming on November 25th

At Match XR 2020 you get to experience the current state of Finnish XR industry: the event is full of interesting speeches, panel discussions and presentations. For Finnish virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) companies Match XR gives a chance to shine and connect globally, and for international audiences it offers an unique opportunity to meet and experience the professionals of the Finnish XR field in a special way. Read more about the event from this article.

Introducing XR Hub team: Imarre

Today we will be telling you a little bit about XR Hub team Imarre! This team is currently building a prototype of a children’s book which has Augmented Reality (AR) built inside the story. Imarre is concerned about the growing trend of children not reading enough books, as reading increases readers’ dialectics and prevents being credulous.

Introducing XR Hub team: Anarky Labs

We are excited to introduce to you our XR Hub team Anarky Labs! This team is solving the problem of the professional or commercial drone pilots having to look away from the robot in the sky into the small displays in their controllers which are crammed full of hard to read information, and they are doing this by using the latest augmented or mixed reality technology, ie. the Microsoft Hololens 2.

Introducing XR Hub team: Unfold Stories

Let us introduce to you our XR Hub team Unfold Stories! This creative team wants to develop a project that has a social impact in our society, not something just entertaining. By taking advantage of new technology, they want to bring stories of people into a new dimension and make them shareable and visible for everyone.

Introducing XR Hub team: Flat Earth Productions

Today we are introducing to you our XR Hub team called Flat Earth Productions! This one-person team by Timo Polvinen creates VR applications, and is currently focused on developing Virtual Art Museums. We asked Timo about his projects, why he became a part of the XR Hub, overall thoughts about extended reality, and more!

Helsinki XR Center featured on IteWiki

An article about Helsinki XR Center was recently published on a Finnish digital industry focused online magazine called IteWiki. It’s headline goes like this: Helsinki XR Center is a meeting place for Finnish VR and AR industry – “Without XR Hub our product development would be further behind compared to where we are now”